Island Rhythms Hula Company is proud to offer private, semi-private, and group hula lessons by Ka'ua and Pohina. Ka'ua holds a
Bachelor of Arts in Dance Pedagogy from the University of California at Irvine, and a Master of Arts in Education from the University
of Texas at Austin. Pohina was born in Hawai'i and has been dancing hula for over 20 years. Find out more about Pohina

If you've ever had an interest in hula and the Hawaiian culture, join us for hula classes! Hula, Hawaiian dance, is one of the most
important cultural arts of Hawai'i. Through movement, hula tells of the history, legends, and beauty of the islands. You don't have to
be Hawaiian to dance hula - hula is for those who are Hawaiian at heart!

Our hula classes include dances in the ancient form of hula (hula kahiko) as well as the more contemporary form of hula (hula
'auana). Hawaiian history and culture are also discussed as they relate to each hula learned in class. All classes are conducted in
a positive and respectful atmosphere that allows for individual variance in learning and mastery. Expect to be challenged and to get
a great workout in every class. Hula is for fun, for fitness, and for life!

Beginner Hula for Adults & Teens with Pohina
Fall Session Starting- Monday 7:45pm - 8:45pm September 8th
Elementary Hula for Adults & Teens with Pohina
Fall Sessions Starting- Mondays 6:45pm -7:45pm September 8th
No prior dance experience is necessary! Each lesson builds upon the one that came before it. Learn all of the hula basics,
    -correct hula posture
    -traditional basic steps
    -simple choreography
    -dancing with hula implements
    -learning about Hawaiian culture and history as it relates to hula
    -optional performance experience

If you've ever taken hula before, this is the class for you! Intermediate/Advanced Hula for Adults & Teens with Ka'ua
Tuesdays 7:
00pm to 8:00pm
A strong basis in hula basics is required to attend this class, and students will be placed into the appropriate level by the instructor.
Learn variations on the basics and more complex choreography, including implement hulas.
    -master hula technique
    -master variations on the basic hula steps
    -master Hapa-Haole and Hawaiian hulas
    -master hula implements
    -learn about Hawaiian culture and history as it relates to hula
If you've already taken our Beginner or Elementary
Hula Classes, this is the class for you! Pa'u skirts required.

Dance and Sing the Hawaiian Way with Pohina
Saturdays 10:30am-11:30am
No prior dance experience is necessary! This is a great course to take:
    - if you want to learn about Hawaiian culture
    -if you would like to learn basic drumming
    -if you like to learn about hula implements
    -you will also learn to sing and dance your hulas
    (All Sing and Dance the Hawaiian Way classes are taught at The Biscuit Brother's Fine Arts Farm!)

Private and semi-private hula classes - By Request
    -learn at your own pace
    -learn dances to the songs you request
    -pick your own group of friends to dance with
    -learn to hula before attending a luau, or before taking a trip to Hawai'i

ll group hula classes are held at Ballet Austin's Butler Dance Education Center in downtown Austin at 501 W. 3rd St. (the corner
of 3rd and San Antonio Streets). Private and semi-private classes can be held at Ballet Austin or at a location of your choice.
For tuition rates and registration information, please visit
Ballet Austin's website.
For questions about the hula classes themselves, please contact us.
Photo by Anna Zatopek. Background courtesy of Zilker Botanical Gardens.
References upon request
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