Pohina, named after a pair of bright stars in the heavens, was born in Honolulu, Hawai'i. She began taking hula lessons from her mother, a hula teacher, after the family moved to Sugarland, Texas. These informal lessons eventually grew into a deep love of Hawaiian dance and culture.

Pohina currently studies hula with her sister, Kumu Pei-San Ka ua Brown, who was uniki in May 21, 2010. She has also studied under Kumu Hula Keli'i Chang's Halau Ho'ola Ka Mana O Hawai'i in Dallas, TX. She has also studied with Kumu Hula Paul Ho'omanawanuiikana'auao Apo (Honolulu, HI), Joyce Flaugher in San Antonio, TX, Kumu Hula Ellen Gay Delarosa (Polynesian Cultural Center), Kumu Hula Keith Awai (Polynesian Cultural Center), and Kumu Hula Lorraine Daniels (Magic Hula Studios). In April 2006, she was honored to compete with Kumu Chang and Halau Ho'ola Ka Mana O Hawai'i in the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, the world's most prestigious hula competition.

Besides hula performances Pohina has also enjoyed performing for audiences both live and via camera. Pohina and is still active in film, television, and print in Austin, TX.

Pohina is currently promoting her new course, HAPA, which she will teach at Ballet Austin's Butler Community School starting 2012.
Pohina (Vivian)
Co Founder/Director
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